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    Address: taixing city north industrial park, reaching no. 8
    Contact: Ye Yan

    Fax: 086-0523-8760 0191
    Zip code: 225400
    E-mail: www.shxjcn.com

    The current position:Home > Profile

    Shanghai Sanhua Essence CO.,LTD. Is engaged in the food with essence and compound with enzyme preparation, distribution of emulsifier, puffed food stabilizer production and sales of professional firms. Production base is located in taixing city, jiangsu province economic development zone, is the center of the Yangtze river delta region, traffic developed, the geographical position is superior.

    The company's production plant covers an area of 30 mu, building area of more than six thousand square meters, the development potential extremely.

    The company integrating scientific research, production and application, with advanced testing instruments, production technology and production facilities, has a complete product quality control testing system, constantly updating, forge ahead, the product is rooted in the market.

    The company specializing in the production of the "three hua" brand food essence, products widely used in the beverage, cold food, biscuits, candies, toothpaste, alcohol and tobacco, baked goods, etc.

    Compound with enzymes produced by our company cooperate with many big companies, such as: Dali group, hope group, jiaxing proboscis companies such as wang.

    "People-oriented, leading technology, product quality, good faith service" is our company's enterprise tenet, we will further improve the quality of products and services, smell in three products all over the country, to create greater glory.


    Three food additive factory production factory: Taixing Sanhua food additive factory
    Telephone: 0523-8760, 0190
    Fax: 0523-8760, 0191

    Address: taixing city, jiangsu province city industrial park reaching east no. 8

    Free service hotline: 400-0523-830