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    Address: taixing city north industrial park, reaching no. 8
    Contact: Ye Yan

    Fax: 086-0523-8760 0191
    Zip code: 225400
    E-mail: www.shxjcn.com

    The current position:Home > Product >  The distribution of puffed foo > Complex puffed food stabilizer

    Complex puffed food stabilizer

    Product category:
     The distribution of puffed foo > Complex puffed food stabilizer
    The product name:
    Complex puffed food stabilizer
    Product number:

    Product Name: Expanded food stabilizer complex

    Use effect: increase the volume of puffed food, sophistication and crisp elasticity, improve product appearance.

    Using volume: Compared to the amount of powder 2-6g / kg

    Usage: water soluble formulation, or sprayed evenly mixed powder.

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