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    Address: taixing city north industrial park, reaching no. 8
    Contact: Ye Yan

    Fax: 086-0523-8760 0191
    Zip code: 225400
    E-mail: www.shxjcn.com

    The current position:Home > Product >  Distribution of enzyme prepara > Enzyme complex

    Enzyme complex

    Product category:
     Distribution of enzyme prepara > Enzyme complex
    The product name:
    Enzyme complex
    Product number:

    Bread Mixture enzymes:

    1, so that an increase in raw material resistant to stir the dough is smooth, soft;

    2, can effectively shorten the fermentation time, improve corrosion proofing capabilities;

    3, after expansion into the furnace has a good effect, internal and delicate, uniform pores;

    4, so that the core of white bread, soft, flexible, mellow taste;

    5, so that the bread bulky and difficult to shrink after cooling;

    6, effectively extending the aging period and shelf life of bread.

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