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    Address: taixing city north industrial park, reaching no. 8
    Contact: Ye Yan

    Fax: 086-0523-8760 0191
    Zip code: 225400
    E-mail: www.shxjcn.com

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    Emulsifiers manual

    1. Usage: This product ready-mixed

    This product was added to a stirring 75-85 ℃ 5 parts warm water (when added to 5 parts water can be more stirring for a while, you can stir in a water bath method) added height wine and stir 0-1 copies (wine can be added from time to increase) was added about 10 parts of sorbitol solution is stirred for 1-2 hours standing around in the whipped egg can be mixed.

    2. usage: Recommended dosage is 1 ± 0.2% (conventional egg count), the maximum amount of 1.5% using the product count.

    3, the product is especially suitable for mace pass cake.


    1, adding sorbitol solution placed for some time, mainly to make the product more stable and better;

    2, with our powder cake emulsifier, just use ordinary palm oil, do not add shortening, cost reduction;

    3, with our powder cake emulsifier play out there like tender cake flavor, with no oil cake fight cake flavor;

    4, may be without sorbitol solution, added directly to the shortening, the shortening because there sorbitol solution.

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